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Short Wave Radio

  Short wave radio is the fascinating worldwide bands. You can hear foreign language broadcasts or English broadcasts with news from foreign lands that are intentionally beamed at us so we can hear their side of the world events. Also pirate radio stations, military refueling and dog fighting practice, some HAM bands, CB radio, ships at sea, international aircraft, and allot more !!!    Shortwave is considered to be the HF (high frequency) band stretching from .5Mhz all the way to 30Mhz and has lots of wonderful stuff for folks to listen to. The seventies were a very exciting time for the Short wave listening enthusiast and Amateur radio operator and the like. Think Cold War, Communism, global tension, a time of change that few other times on the latter part of the 20th century.
This was the dominant system of radio in the first two thirds of the. 220 Volt Short wave radio Export 220v garage door opener 220volt 230 v Sony Genie. The distance from the transmitter to the target receiver. CHU time signals are also derived from these clocks. Short Wave Short Wave Radio listening has been a enjoyable hobby for many listeners for a great many years. Even when one knows a language knowing how to present a message effectively is a staggering challenge. Because of the inferior sound quality of AM broadcasting the medium lends itself particularly to.


I believe that the BEST way to do this is by having a radio capable of receiving local broadcasts, which in much of the world means AM & FM radio.  I also insist on being able to receive news & information from International sources so that I can listen to many divergent views on events and formulate my idea of what is really happening.  This requires short-wave radio.The medium wave band used in the United States and most other countries for domestic (AM) broadcasting gives reception over 50-100 mile radius in the daytime, and up to a thousand or more miles at night. Guglielmo Marconi in 1921 had discovered that short waves could be received thousands of miles away from transmitters of modest power. It is these wavelengths that have since been used by amateurs to talk to each other all over the world, and which permit international broadcasting.
Many governments who used to have very large short wave broadcast operations have cut back in recent years. Radio Canada International, which used to be highly respected, is now only doing a little retransmission of domestic programs. Radio Australia has reduced the number of transmitters it uses, and puts more of its resources into broadcasting to Southeast Asia in appropriate languages than into English, but it is still an interesting source. Radio Australia uses short wave transmitters in Australia only, but its signals on 9580 KHz during North American mornings are easily heard. Radio Moscow, which used to broadcast in English 24 hours a day on an enormous number of transmitters, mostly in the USSR but some in Cuba and other friendly countries, has changed its name and reduced its operation substantially, but is still a very large broadcaster.

How can I pick up solar activity on my short-wave radio?

The best way is to listen for short-wave drop outs caused by solar flares. When solar flares erupt, the D-layer just below the daytime ionosphere becomes highly ionized and acts to absorb short-wave transmissions on long- path bounces. You can listen to distant stations, and when a flare happens, within 10 minutes the distant station 'drops-out' and becomes inaudible for several hours until the excess photoionization in the D-layer wanes to its normal level. This is a chemical process that takes time to proceed because of the very low densities of the gases at these altitudes. I am not a 'short wave person' but my understanding is that it affects all bands in much the same way from 1 megahertz upwards to the ionosphere cutoff near 10 megahertz where it starts to become transparent to high frequency radio waves. Solar storms also produce several different classes of bursts of radio emission, but you need a radio telescope set-up with a very sensitive receiver and a 'dish' to detect them.

Short Wave communication uses radio waves propagated in the Earth's atmosphere, and is independent of any infrastructure like ISPs, servers, satellites, telephone lines or fiber needed for the operation of the Internet. In times of crisis like after the upcoming Pole Shift, Short Wave Communication can be used for global voice communication as well as a primitive Internet replacement using Packet Radio communication. Short Wave Communication skills must be acquired before the Pole Shift through Ham Radio courses and licensing, including Morse Code which is required for operating privileges on the HF bands required for international communication.
An antenna rotator can be used for directional reception and to reduce interference. This range of antennas are probably the most advanced Broadband Active Loop antennas available, and offer professional performance at an affordable price. Each Loop Antenna is supplied complete with a 12 volt Regulated Power Supply - the Power Supply is only provided for UK users. An Antenna Rotator is available separately.



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