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  Printing is not all that easy. For an impatient user or designer, he might loose al his patience if he does not meet his expected prints and outputs. There are some certain printing requirements and tips one should look at before loosing your mind for some unwanted reasons.
Here are some hints to live by if you want to dedicate your time with printing. If you want to print a lot of images and pictures, you should have a lot of free spaces in your computer. Having a low disk space memory might eat up all the spaces in your disk. You should clear out all the unwanted files in your drive. It will also be helpful to clear and free your system which can be done by closing and removing your background settings and applications.
Every so often, it is not harmful if you check your hard drive and defragment for some error checking. It is necessary and advisable that you check it at all times. You would not want to do that at the time when you are in need for rush printing. If possible, do it always when you feel it needed. It is nice to have a good computer running at the times you need it the most.
You can economize and trim down the pages and size of your print job. If you are targeting a multiple page for image, try to cut it short if it can be compressed in one file or page. That will definitely help a lot but make sure it still gets the good side and result of printing.
  Now before printing, you should check if your printer is on the mood of printing. Sometimes, disorders are unexpected and might cause you some problems. Checking and testing your printer driver resolves the hassle of some unwanted errors. You can customize you printer's preferences depending on the job you want to perform. Make sure that you have the newest drivers available for your printer.
  After finishing your printing task, make sure you set your printer back to its normal mode for the next usage. You might have caused some changes which may not be very helpful in the future. Sometimes, allot a time in cleaning your printer. Like humans do, they need care too. I you want your printer to last longer, keep your care tight and light. These are but simple and helpful tips for you.