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Expand the potential of your iPod™ beyond just music! It used to be impossible to move all of your music from your iPod™ back to your PC. Now you can sync your music between home, office, desktop and laptop. Podmaxx™ empowers you to easily manage your iPod™ and more!

Podmaxx™ vs. iTunes™
Action Podmaxx™ iTunes™
Integration with Internet Explorer Windows integration makes it easy, fast and natural to manage Windows what?
Transfer music to your PC Podmaxx™ transfers and syncs music to any PC iTunes says “no” to transferring to your PC from your iPod
Copy your iPod to your PC Hook up any iPod to your PC and access it like it was your own! iTunes says “no” to transferring to your PC from your iPod
Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook Use Podmaxx’s easy interface to automatically synchronize your Outlook contacts, calender, email and more Not a chance
Backup/Transfer Data Use your iPod as a convenient backup device. Automatically syncs your files and folders whenever you sync your iPod Not today and probably not tomorrow either
Carry useful info with you Sync your iPod with your favorite internet info like news, weather, movie showtimes Music and nothing more
  • Great product, to say it maximizes the iPod potential is an understatement, great job guys
    —Arthur Vanghan Oct 24,2005

  • Thanks for the sneak peak guys,PodMaxx is huge! It is a pleasure to test a product of this caliber.
    —Bill Jahns, Beta Test Pro, 22 OCT 05

  • PodMaxx redefines the term "iPod Accessory" Great Product!!
    —G. Daniels, Tech Shop Review. October 25, 2005

  • Easy to use, very impressive feature set, our customers are going to love this.
    —Henry Van , AXT Unlimited. October 23, 2005

  • Thank you so much, I can't believe I won this. such a cool product and easy to use, I still can't believe I won this. Keep them coming.
    —H.B. Ring Factory Contest Winner. October 24, 2005

  • Excellent job Mates!! We put PodMaxx through the ringer, she's got the legs of great stuff. Look forward to working with you.
    —Samuel Semaane, Down Under and Over Promtions. 22 October , 2005.