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  The dictionary includes not only words, but phrases, idioms, irregular verbs as well as linguistic games and grammar. There is built-in voice synthesis technology that produces high-quality voice output in multiple languages. The organizer has all the features you can imagine plus lots of features you would never even dream about! Special models are able to translate incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and faxes from one language into another automatically! A digital voice recorder allows storing up to 15 minutes of human speech. All this together makes Ectaco Language Teacher dictionaries a must for everyone!  Click image to enlarge

This is friendly advice for anyone traveling to foreign countries.
I want to share an idea that was given to me before my recent trip to Italy. One of my friends suggested getting an electronic dictionary. I spent some time browsing the Internet looking for a good one. I had chosen Language Teacher

I was really amazed by the value! They make dictionaries in more than 20 languages and in various price categories. I recommend their dictionaries to anyone who enjoys traveling. They also make a great gift! Why do you need to purchase a Language Teacher dictionary-organizer?
* The language barrier will disappear
* You don't have to learn the language - our dictionaries already know it for you
* All our dictionaries have a full 1 year guarantee
* You'll have the coolest and smartest organizer ever

Click Here----> Electronic Dictionaries



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