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 Semson & Co. Inc.

  Semsons & Co. Inc. deals directly with OEM (original equipment manufacturers) to bring end users name brand quality products at a fraction of the cost. Combining our low prices with friendly and courteous customer service, Semsons strives to make YOUR online shopping experience as pleasant as possible.
The GlobalSat Bluetooth Audio Gateway Bundle is consisted of two parts - the BTH-820 Bluetooth Stereo Headset and BTA-830 Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter.

  BTH-820 Bluetooth Stereo Headset provides you the CD quality stereo sound. If a call is coming while you are listening to the music, just press any button to receive the call. Meanwhile, the music will stop automatically, and then resume itself after you hang up the phone.

  BTA-830 Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter enables your audio device to have the ability of wireless Bluetooth transmission. It can transmit crystal clear digital sound to any compatible Bluetooth audio receiver up to 10 meters away.
HI-406BT is a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver in wireless Bluetooth interface with build-in active antenna. With HI-406BT, your mobile devices, such as, Smart phone, Pocket PC, laptop PC, tablet PC, etc. can receive GPS data wirelessly and perform the GPS applications, such as, car navigation, personal navigation, route planning, tracking, etc.

  Equipped with the most powerful and ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII chip set, HI-406BT can get the 3D fix in very short time and under poor reception environment, such as in the middle of the car, next to the tall building, in your backpack, or pocket.
Similar to the popular Holux GR-230/231 Bluetooth GPS receiver, Holux GPSlim236 is a 2-in-1 serial / Bluetooth GPS ideal for laptop and PDA navigation applications. Furthermore, the SiRF III chipset provides excellent performance under any situation.



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