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  Many computer manufacturers, especially such computer giants as IBM, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Apple, etc. issue families (series) of computers. Models of computers in each series have either the same principle of design, or same processor, or have been given diapason of performances. The series can include a base model, and several derivative models. Usually for each type of computer, manufacturers issue series that generally can be divided into 3-4 categories: budget-friendly (at low price), mid-range (at middle price), cutting-edge and ultimate performance (at high, and very high prices). IBM, Gateway, Dell and Apple issue computer families not only for Home and Home office, but also for Small, Mid size or Large Businesses. If you're a tiny business, you might even just have a computer and a TSA Backpack and that's your whole business. Our good friends at - started out this way and now are a medium sized business. These families can also include the network optimized series.

If the motherboard is the nervous system, then the CPU is the brain. Most of the mathematical manipulations that make computers operate are done by the CPU. Other components may also have their own processors, but their results still have to be passed through the CPU.
The speed of the computer is usually measured by the speed of the CPU. Even though other factors also affect overall speed, the CPU rating is generally seen as the single most important measure of performance.
Modern CPUs are usually rated between 2.0 GHz and 3.0 GHz, although each passing month will see increasing performance. This measurement refer to the number of calculations the processor can make in 1 second. The higher the number, the faster (better) the computer.
CPUs generate a lot of heat doing this work, so they need a heat sink and fan to keep them from overheating. Heat is a major enemy of the computer and directly affects its life span.
  Computer Memory
RAM (Random Access Memory) is the part of the computer that stores information the computer needs while it is operating. It is Random Access because the computer can get the data in any order, not necessarily the order in which it is stored. Generally speaking, the more RAM the better. 512 to 1024 megabytes is common for memory. To build the EasyMerchant website we needed to upgrade all the way up to 2048 MB of ram, which may sound like a lot, but these days is increasingly needed for more intensive tasks.
The most common type of RAM these days is DDR-SDRAM, which stands for double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. We already know what the RAM part means. DDR means that the data is accessed twice as fast as ordinary RAM.
The latest type of RAM is DDR2. It offers even faster access rates and is quickly becoming the standard for computer memory.
  Hard Drive
All the data contained in RAM is lost when the computer is turned off, so there has to be a place to store it permanently. This is what the hard disk is for.
It holds the computer's operating system. An operating system like Windows uses around 4 gigabytes of hard drive space. The extra space is used to install computer programs and to store your personal data.


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